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Article Account Level Filtering
cPanel lets you filter all email for an entire domain. This can be useful for discarding spam,...
Views: 506
Article Auto Responders
This feature can be configured to automatically send response messages. This can be useful when...
Views: 505
Article BoxTrapper
BoxTrapper functions as a spam filter for email addresses. The filter works through...
Views: 520
Article Default Address
This address will receive any mail sent to an invalid email address for the current domain. The...
Views: 507
Article Email Accounts
This set of features allows you to add and manage email accounts associated with your domain....
Views: 542
Article Email Authentication
To combat spam, or unwanted email, cPanel’s email authentication features attempt to...
Views: 483
Article Email Delivery Route
This feature shows the specific path that will be taken by an outgoing message, which can be...
Views: 499
Article Forwarders
This feature allows a copy of any email sent to one address to be forwarded to another address....
Views: 480
Article Mailing Lists
This feature simplifies sending mass mail, allowing you to type a single address to send mail to...
Views: 560
Article MX Entry
This feature allows you to change the domain to which mail is delivered, allowing one...
Views: 513
Article SpamAssassin
SpamAssassin is an email utility that attempts to filter spam by examining every email, testing...
Views: 521
Article User Level Filtering
cPanel lets you filter email sent to a specific user’s address. This can be useful for...
Views: 497
Article Webmail
Webmail allows you to access your email accounts through a web browser such as Internet...
Views: 857

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