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Article Apache Handlers
Apache handlers control how your site’s Apache web server software manages certain file...
Views: 538
Article Cron Jobs
Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that take place at predefined times or intervals on the server....
Views: 519
Article Error Pages
An error page informs a visitor when there is a problem accessing your site. Each problem has its...
Views: 544
Article Image Manager
cPanel includes 3 tools to help you manage the images you use on your website. The...
Views: 549
Article Index Manager
When accessing a directory (rather than a page) on your site, a visitor will typically see the...
Views: 522
Article MIME Types
MIME types relay information to the browser about how to handle file extensions. Adding MIME...
Views: 537
Article Network Tools
This area of cPanel’s interface contains tools for retrieving network information. For...
Views: 510
Article Submit a Support Request
cPanel’s interface includes an area for requesting support from your web host via email....
Views: 524

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